story & characters

The Chase Begins

Chase McCain has just joined the LEGO® City police force, reporting to the tough but fair Chief Gleeson, and the tough but...not so fair Deputy Dunby. Wet behind the ears but raring to make an impact, Chase takes pride in his work, even if it’s fetching donuts.

What else awaits on the streets of LEGO® City?

He's about to find out... And may just become a hero in the process.

 Meet The Cast

  • Chase McCain

    He's a lean, mean, but still green crime fighting machine. Whether he's rescuing pets from trees or taking down criminal gangs, he's quickly becoming the
    man for the job.

  • Chief Gleeson

    She's the powerful and well-respected head of the LEGO® City police department, and she's going places fast. This town on the rise is lucky to have her cleaning things up.

  • Deputy Dunby

    Not exactly out to help the cops on his force, Deputy Dunby is really all about doing as little work as possible, and making himself look really good doing it.